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Boiler Repairs in London

Organising a boiler repair does not need to be a stressful process. We can repair boiler breakdowns quickly and get your house feeling like home again.

Professional boiler repairs in London

We can make recommendations on how to improve your boiler’s energy efficiency during a boiler repair. We also provide reminders on when your boiler or gas appliances are due for annual servicing. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with proper boiler maintenance.
Trained Professionals

We are trained and experienced – and will provide you with the professional service you deserve.


We take our time to understand the problem and combine your description of the issue with what we can see when we arrive to find a promising solution.

Service Quality Guarantee
We work hard to ensure your boiler will be up and running, and completely serviced before we leave.
Honest Pricing
We don’t believe in hidden costs – we only charge fair, honest prices for our services. We want to ensure you receive the best value for your money.

Common Boiler Problems

This can be the result of several of the below issues or blockages in the boiler. We replace heat exchangers and run tests to get your water running hot again as quickly as possible. Ultimately, the main reason for having a boiler is to provide your home with hot water and to keep yourself warm, so we appreciate how urgent a boiler breakdown can be. 

A boiler that doesn't have constant water pressure won't be able to work as efficiently as it could. There are a number of very common causes for losing boiler pressure. This includes a leak in the central heating system or automatic air vent, bleeding radiators, a faulty pressure relief valve or a failing expansion vessel. 

This is often because of trapped air, faulty radiator valves or dirty water in the system (if so, you may want to consider our powerflushing services). If you suspect there is air in the radiator, you can release this by bleeding the radiator using a bleed key. You may find our detailed guide on how to bleed a radiator useful when doing so. 

Often to do with the boiler electrics and circuitry. We use multimeters to locate the issue and replace the faulty component. Pumps can wear out or seize, fans can get stuck and circuit boards can blow.

Usually, this means your boiler is switching itself off for safety – if it does not shut down, then the boiler could overheat. Common reasons include low water pressure, air in the system, a blocked condensate pipe, thermostat issues, or a faulty pump. 

The usual prime suspect for a boiler leak is the seals. Over time, these seals can get damaged and degrade, meaning water will eventually leak out – particularly under high pressure.

Banging noises usually indicate that something is passing through the system, knocking as it goes along. This could be debris, sludge or even air. The build up of scale and low water pressure can also lead to rattling or banging noises. Other causes include a faulty thermostat or a build-up of debris on the boiler’s heat exchanger.


If there is a build-up of debris, you’ll need an experienced professional to carry out a powerflush. A powerflush removes the sludge in your system, preventing blockages and improving your heating efficiency.

London’s water is hard, meaning it has a high level of calcium and magnesium compounds, causing limescale - just look into your kettle and you will see the impact it has on your appliances. A particularly common cause of boiler kettling (a strange noise/kettling sound) is the accumulation of limescale and sludge in your heating system. This can end up causing damage to the heat exchanger and cause a blockage in the rest of your heating system.


To overcome this, a scale reducer or limescale inhibitor can be installed to protect your system against the damage caused by hard water and limescale. A powerflush can also be booked in to clean the system. Scale reducers increase the lifespan of appliances, keeping them running at optimum levels for longer. They also reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance of internal parts, saving you hassle and money.

If your heating system makes use of a condensate pipe that draws water away from the boiler, this can sometimes freeze — particularly in cold temperatures during the winter. This can cause the water in the pipe to freeze and form a blockage, leading the boiler to lockout. 


With age, your thermostat may begin to fail and provide inaccurate temperature readings. If the thermostat cannot confirm the temperature, it will not be able to keep the room at a steady temperature. This often means your boiler will be turned on and off at the wrong times.

One-off boiler repairs in London

Boiler broken down? Don’t panic!

Our engineers are always on call. We’ve been repairing broken-down boilers for decades, and in our experience most issues can be resolved with a simple fix – and, more importantly, won’t end up costing you a fortune. We pride ourselves on keeping our vans incredibly well stocked, ensuring we have the best chance of fixing the fault on the first call-out and getting your house back to feeling like home again as quickly as possible.


We keep our vans well stocked with common parts. If other parts are needed, this will be discussed with you and charged for additionally. We also have a reliable network of local suppliers to ensure we source the right parts as quickly as possible. 

No. We provide you with an accurate window of arrival so there is no need to wait in all day.

The length of a boiler repair is completely dependent on the issue. However, our skilled and experienced team of engineers pride themselves on being able to fix many of the basic things that can go wrong with your boiler within the first hour.

Yes. We offer a 12-month workmanship guarantee on our labour work, subject to our terms and conditions. Our engineers are all Gas Safe Registered.

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