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Boiler Service in London

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive central heating maintenance services. Servicing your boiler regularly maintains the efficiency, safety and reliability of your heating system and helps you avoid high energy bills and keeps breakdowns at bay.

Why do you need a boiler service?

Getting your boiler serviced annually is vital; not only does this ensure your safety but it is the only way to be sure that your system is performing at the peak of its ability. As well as taking care of your boiler, we can check and vent your radiators as part of our service.
Boiler warranty validation
An annual boiler service is a requirement in order to maintain the manufacturer’s boiler guarantee.
Avoid expensive breakdowns
Avoid nasty surprises and spot potential problems before they become a headache.
Safety andefficiency
Prevent dangerous CO2 being released into your home due to a faulty boiler.

Do you take care of your boiler?

Our team looks after hundreds of boilers annually. Expensive and problematic repairs can often be avoided if a regular maintenance service is carried out earlier on.

An annual boiler service can drastically reduce the chances of a fault, breakdown or failure occurring at the most inconvenient of times. Given how expensive a brand new boiler can be, it is important to look after your appliance by organising regular maintenance visits. If your existing system is working well and fulfilling your needs, it is important to keep it that way.

During a boiler service in London, our Gas Safe registered engineers can spot any potential problems, examine and resolve them just as quickly as they are found — all before any damage is caused to your boiler.


What does a boiler service involve?

Visual inspection — visually inspect the boiler, look for any signs of damage, and identify any signs of distress that are immediately visible.

Boiler components — check and, if necessary, clean all the main boiler components, including the burner, heat exchanger and spark electrode.

Boiler burner — check the efficiency of the boiler burner using a flue gas analyser and provide you with a copy of the reading.

Seals — check that the boiler case seals are intact and in good condition to prevent products of combustion from leaking out.

Flue effectiveness — check flue terminals and whether internal flue components are sealed properly.

Tightness test — carry out a gas tightness test to ensure there are no gas leaks. 

Checks — final checks on the flame sense device, pilot burner and any cables and probes, thermostat, heating controls, electrical wiring connections, and safety devices. 

Record — fill out the details of the service carried out in the manufacturer’s service record booklet.

How often should I have a boiler service?

In line with the conditions of your boiler guarantee, the general rule of thumb is for a boiler service to be carried out annually to ensure your boiler can deliver reliable heating and hot water comfort year after year.

How long does a boiler service take?

Depending on where the boiler is located, the service history and the level of service required, a boiler service, on average, will take between 30 to 90 minutes. With Cliftons, a boiler service is easy to arrange, causes minimum inconvenience and leaves you with maximum benefit.

How much does a boiler service cost?

The cost of a boiler service varies depending on the type of service being carried out — either a standard service or a full strip down service. Ultimately, it is important to ensure that the engineer is Gas Safe registered and thoroughly experienced. Our rates can be found here.

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